A quick review of my 2019

So here I am (again), this is probably the busiest year in my short life. I finally started two business which none of them actually make money (and I love it). I finally got the Chilean visa I didn't want and now I'm wasting money in stuff that I wish I could avoid. I started creating multiple "apps" which now all of them are just in some forgotten folder in my computer... But hey, I also learned a lot so why not starting again with this blog and share a bit more?

Let's start with some things I learned (or just they happened to me again)

You must have your money in different banks and countries.

I always say it, and probably I will always say it: You can't have all of your money in one place. I'm from Venezuela and just most of the world know: Venezuela is broke... What happens in broke countries? Well we have a corrupted government, lot of poverty, a giant amount of delinquents and of course instability which is the worst thing to our money.

Because of that I started diversifying my money, as a Venezuela I couldn't have lots of accounts in USD so I used fintechs like PayPal and Payoneer and a bank account in Panamá.

This year the bank account was closed by the government and my money is still blocked there since the government only gives a check or a transfer to another bank account in Panama which none of the options work to me.

BUT just because I have my money in different places, this situation didn't affect me in my day to day... Yeah, it's a pain in the ass but at least I can use my money from others accounts.

Dividend investing is my favorite investing strategy.

So since I started trading, I earned and lost money in the stocks market. It was cool because even in just one week I earned almost a thousand dollars but there were weeks that I lost more than that. Because of that I thought I was gambling and not actually investing so I started trying with different strategies and I find out that dividend investing is my thing.

Investing in the stock market is easy, earning money from there is not and is just because when we start in the stock market we usually do it with the mind of I will buy this cheap and sell it at a bigger price which is basically the kind of publicity we get from brokers.

Of course, there are people that actually make money trading but is probably an small percentage of people that actually can live from that while with a dividend investing strategy is possible in the long term without too much effort, I will talk about this in the future.

We need a good reason to start an app.

As developers we usually start some little apps/sites just to learn, practice, test a new technology and sometime is even just for fun. Sometimes we say "hey this will be the definitive app" and some weeks later we don't even remember what the hell we were going to build.

Well this path is different when we really find something we would like to use with our personal preferences, there, that moment, is when we really start an app.

I'm currently building an app to track all my investments in the stock market but in the way I invest: Dividend tracking. I want something similar to what M1 Finance shows (they looks really awesome) but just because I can't use their software because I'm from Latin America I decided to build my own app so I can track my investments... The difference is that I won't be a broker (at least not at this moments since I know nothing about being a broker) and I will pull the data from different brokers I'm registered in.

Starting the 2020 in the good way

So this is everything for now, I will try to do this more frequently and find some time to write stuff... I will write about businesses and also programming since both things are what I like the most.

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